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Experience the amazing biodiversity of the rainforest with our expert guides.



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We are a leading Amazonian Expeditions Agency with extensive experience in the inundated forests of the Northern Peruvian Amazon. We have provided adventures to several of Hollywood’s most famous Stars. Our agency has even facilitated numerous hit television productions:

Naked and Afraid 2013 (Discovery Channel); Wild Amazon 2010 (National Geographic); Naked and Afraid XL 2021 (Discovery Channel); The Yacumama, Circle the Globe 2021 (Discovery Channel); and others. Our guides have unique knowledge of pristine geographic locations throughout the region. Access to these areas is provided through very limited government permitting, setting our company apart from most others in Iquitos, Peru.

"I took a birding tour with Emerald Forest Expeditions. We went to the Yanayacu River and the trip was incredible. I saw white-headed marsh tyrants,red-caped cardinals,blue and yellow macaws, laughing hawks, and many more species. The most memorable moment was walking on a path in the forest and seeing a wattled curassow. I also saw pink river dolphins and several species of monkeys. The area we explored is still very wild!—Kenneth Milsaps (Tampa, FL USA)

Base Camp for Emerald Forest Expeditions is located upstream directly on  the Amazon River, 115 km north of the city of Iquitos, Peru. Because we are committed to sustainable and regenerative conservation wherever we operate, we have been proudly granted the first and, currently, only Community Concession offering a Hostel and Restobar in the historic community of San Juaquin de Omaguas. This indigenous community was one of the earliest Spanish settlements on the Amazon.  Only recently connected by road, our location provides our guests with an indigenous community experience on the bank of the immense Amazon River in the heart of the deep jungle. The lodging has electricity, WiFi and modern bathrooms, easily accessible by a short and comfortable 1 hour drive from the Iquitos International Airport.  


Our fleet of outboard adventure skiffs rapidly transport guests for day and overnight expeditions from our lodge to Communal Reserves on the Yanayacu, Yacapana and Yarapa Rivers, as well as, the Pacaya and Samiria National Reserve. We offer you: camping, survival training, bird watching, canoeing, hikes in the deep jungle, fishing, shamanism, Cambo frog experience, study of medicinal plants, pink dolphin watching, night expeditions to see cayman, anacondas etc, rural historic tours, and intergrated indigenous community immersions.

You can observe a wide variety of flora and likely see monkeys,sloths, birds, cayman, snakes, river otters and more, all in a day’s adventure. We can also customize your experience to any other specific interests. Every expedition is conducted with attention to safety, security and sustainability. Your guides are all expert deep jungle survivalists with medical training and First-Aid equipment.




Here, you will find very comfortable accommodations and some deluxe rooms in our Hostel Amazon. We operate in an environmentally conscious way that is respectful to the natural environment. Our electrical power comes from a solar energy system. We actively participate in recycling and also ally with the, an organization that supports regeneration and conservation of the rainforest in Peru. At Hostel Amazon, we are an interactive participant in the indigenous community of San Juaquín de Omaguas. We strive for a friendly and respectful relationship with all the indigenous families of the community. We invite our guests to also explore and interact with the community while keeping in mind that we are all guests in their home.

"I have stayed in eco-lodges all over the World, including several up river from Iquitos, Peru. Never have I experienced the comfort and convenience offered at Hostal Amazon while still providing such easy access to the deep jungle. Real bathrooms, 24 hour electricity and WiFi without generator noise, integrated in a true indigenous community, and a short drive to the airport, just a few of the things that make this eco-lodge unbeatable!"

—Jeffrey Dismukes (San Francisco, CA USA)

Hostel Amazon provides dormitory or private bungalow accommodations, perfect for groups, singles, couples or families. We have the flexibility to host folks with tastes and budgets from backpackers to luxury adventurers, as well as, scientists and educational groups. Several bungalows feature in-room, fully equipped, modern and tiled bathrooms. Common areas include a restaurant and bar area with incredible views overlooking the majestic and imposing Amazon River. We arrange transfers to and from Hostel Amazon and the Iquitos Airport (1 hour) or downtown Iquitos (1.5 hours). Typically free WiFi and electricity is available around the clock. 




If tasting an Amazonian or hybrid meal is your pleasure, Emerald Forest Expeditions in Restobar Amazon will make your dream come true! Our kitchen is staffed by traditional cooks from the Omaguas community. These women are connoisseurs of the ancient secrets and recipies forming the foundation of Amazonian culinary art. 


You can't expect fresher food than this. The Omaguas women prepare the local fare better than any place in Iquitos. The view matches the food! And yes, they even have an actual cocktail menu and great local Amazonian rum.

—Mike Johnson (Pensacola, FL USA)

At RestoBar Amazon, we feature the splendor of our local products such as sugar cane rum, macerated exotic Amazonian fruits etc. with our 4 exclusive drinks creations of the house: San Joaquin Salvaje, Huito Walker Chilcano, Heliconia Sour and our famous Blue Sky. 




Emerald Forest Expeditions is founded and owned by Juan Carlos Palomino Berndt (Kukama-Chayahuita, Peru). He is a native Kukama naturalist-researcher who has worked on conservation research projects with Cornell University and the University of British Columbia, amongst others, in the Northern Peruvian Amazon for more than 20 years. Besides speaking Spanish and having familiarity with most local Kukama indigenous dialects, Juan Carlos is also fluent in English and German. He has been awarded an honorary baccalaureate in Field Biology Research from Cornell University and has recently achieved a Title in Professional Technology from the Peruvian Government SENATI Board of Tourism, recognizing Mr. Berndt as an Official Tourism Guide. He has a phenomenal, deep and diverse knowledge of Amazonian ecology, including plant and animal interactions and behaviours.


Juan Carlos is also founder of the Palomino Project, an NGO dedicated to preservation of Kukama culture and language in conjunction with education to ensure sustainable practices for the Amazon environment. Conceptually, he has created both Emerald Forest Expeditions and Palomino Project to provide a TRUE Amazon experience for visitors while also benefiting the long term sustainability of the environment and local indigenous cultures. 10% of all proceeds generated through your visit go directly to the worthwhile works of the Palomino Project.


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